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Thu 06 Nov 2014 - Manchester, Phones 4U Arena

Phones 4u Arena (Manchester)



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  • 08.11.2014 @ 01:28:20AM - greensitt

    Great night, first time seeing Paolo live and didn't disappoint. Candy was our 1st dance at our wedding 18 months ago, so understandably couln't wait to hear it live, timing not good live! a bit pissed Paolo (me thinks) but truly forgiven xx

  • 07.11.2014 @ 14:54:21PM - DragunMaiden

    What an incredible night! Thank you so much to Paolo and The Vipers and the rest of the Team for putting on such an awesome show. MUCH LOVE!

  • 21.10.2014 @ 07:43:48AM - genas

    Discovered Paolo's music years ago in UK. So excited for him and the Band!! Very gifted artists. Couldn't believe it when I saw him on a morning show over here promoting his tour. YEAH!!!!

  • 02.08.2014 @ 08:49:25AM - Nikerz77

    Hubby get me tickets yesterday because it's my birthday. I'm so excited!!! See you all there x

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