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Please note that the webstore customer services team are only able to help you with webstore orders you have placed or website issues.

They will be unable to answer questions or have contact details for queries about:

  • Artist / Management Queries - anything to do with the artist directly (music / touring / bookings / release dates / charity requests)
  • Any product not sold on the webstore
  • Availability or release dates for product on any other webstore or retail destination
  • Detailed technical support

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Delivery Information

We aim to dispatch all items from the warehouse within 1 business day (Mon-Fri).

Once dispatched, below is an approximate guide to shipping times:

[inc Recorded Standard Delivery]
3-7 business days
USA / Canada: 7-21 business days
Rest of World: 7-30 business days
(Business day = Monday – Friday)

Signed Courier Service
UK: Within 2-3 business days
Europe: Within 1-3 business days
Rest Of World: 7-10 business days
(Business day = Monday – Friday)

More about Delivery >>>

Download Delivery

Your download links are on the order confirmation page and emailed to you immediately, or in the case of Preorders, emailed to you on the release day of the product.

More about Downloads >>>

Paolo Nutini Help & FAQs centre

Welcome to Customer Support. Please select a category below to read through the frequently asked questions in case your question already has an answer! Please note that you can contact the Customer Services team once you have specified your problem through the frequently asked questions.

Special Notices

  • FAN CLUB HELP - You can read the fan club FAQs by clicking HERE

Select the category you wish to find out more about:

Where is my order? / My order hasn't arrived

Please first read ‘How long will it take to receive my order?’ to see how long to expect a regular delivery to take.

In the majority of cases, if you don’t have your order within the expected delivery times listed in ‘How long will it take to receive my order?’ it may be due to:
- Pre-Orders: a Pre-Order item in your order which is not yet released. All items in your order will be dispatched together – in this case the release date of your Pre-Ordered item. More about Part Dispatch
- Stock Delay: A delay from the supplier/manufacturer for one or more of your items which may have held up the dispatch of your order – especially in the case of boxsets, special editions and imports which are prone to manufacturing delay due to their complex nature and extended supplier delivery times.
- At Post Office: Your order has in fact been dispatched but the postal service/courier could not find or deliver your package (e.g. if you weren’t there to receive it or sign for it). Please check for a delivery card from the post office.
- Incorrect Delivery Address: Your delivery address was entered incorrectly at the checkout so the postal service cannot find your address. Please check in your confirmation email that the delivery address was entered correctly. See the Your Mistake section below.

Please also check your email (and SPAM folder) in case Customer Services have already emailed you about a delay to the dispatch of your order and the likely new dispatch date.

Standard Delivery
If you selected standard Royal Mail delivery, please check that your local postal office aren't holding the package for you (in case they were unable to fit your package through your letterbox etc). They should leave a card to let you know they attempted delivery, but it will be worth calling them all the same.
You can find your local branch HERE

Please note that if they return the package to us because you did not pick it up from the branch in time, you will have to pay the p&p charge again to have it dispatched again.

Because of the variance in delivery times and Royal Mail’s terms of service, the postal service usually does not consider a package lost until 30 business days (i.e. Mon-Fri) from dispatch, so we are usually unable to help with your delivery until this period has expired.

If 30 days have elapsed, and you have checked your local postal office, please get in touch with customer on the Contact Us link below this answer.

Express Delivery
For Courier/Express Delivery orders, where possible tracking information will be added to your store profile under the ‘My Account’ heading. Please note this will only happen once the order is actually dispatched from the warehouse and this information becomes available to us, rather than as soon as you place the order, and sometimes the information does not get passed back from the courier service correctly to allow it to be passed into the My Account area automatically.

Please contact customer services on the link below this answer for tracking information if the expected delivery time listed in ‘How long will it take to receive my order?’ has elapsed.

Your Mistake
If your order is returned to us because you did not collect it from the post office or because you made a mistake with your address, we may be able to resend it to you, but you will have to pay the p&p charge to have it resent.

We are not responsible for non-delivery if you have entered your address incorrectly.

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