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Please note that the webstore customer services team are only able to help you with webstore orders you have placed or website issues.

They will be unable to answer questions or have contact details for queries about:

  • Artist / Management Queries - anything to do with the artist directly (music / touring / bookings / release dates / charity requests)
  • Any product not sold on the webstore
  • Availability or release dates for product on any other webstore or retail destination
  • Detailed technical support

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Delivery Information

We aim to dispatch all items from the warehouse within 1 business day (Mon-Fri).

Once dispatched, below is an approximate guide to shipping times:

[inc Recorded Standard Delivery]
3-7 business days
USA / Canada: 7-21 business days
Rest of World: 7-30 business days
(Business day = Monday – Friday)

Signed Courier Service
UK: Within 2-3 business days
Europe: Within 1-3 business days
Rest Of World: 7-10 business days
(Business day = Monday – Friday)

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Download Delivery

Your download links are on the order confirmation page and emailed to you immediately, or in the case of Preorders, emailed to you on the release day of the product.

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Paolo Nutini Help & FAQs centre

Welcome to Customer Support. Please select a category below to read through the frequently asked questions in case your question already has an answer! Please note that you can contact the Customer Services team once you have specified your problem through the frequently asked questions.

Special Notices

  • FAN CLUB HELP - You can read the fan club FAQs by clicking HERE

Select the category you wish to find out more about:

My file wonít play / plays badly on my computer

If a download doesn't play or function as expected, it's usually just a problem with the settings on your player. Because there are so many different combinations of computer setups and software versions, it would impossible for us to provide a sufficient help guide – we suggest searching Google and forums and consulting the media player manufacturer’s website for troubleshooting digital media problems.

For this reason we are also unable to offer technical support for downloads beyond a statement of the digital formats being sold.

Here are a few basic things to check:
1. Please make sure you are using the latest version of your media player, and that you have previously opened and configured it.
We recommend:
Windows Media Player

2. If you have trouble playing video downloads or the video renders strangely, it may be your media player program - we recommend the free and versitile VLC player which may help

3. WMV Video Downloads
- Downloads should be opened for the first time in Windows Media Player 9.1 (or higher). You may be able to open them again in another program later, as long as the track was first opened in WMP9, but unfortunately we can't be sure which other programs will work.
- You must have an active Internet connection when you try to play the track for the first time. This is because you need to acquire the licence for each track.
- Make sure that your player is configured to automatically acquire licenses. You can check this by doing the following: Internet Explorer:
Go to tools, options, privacy and make sure "Acquire licenses automatically for protected content" is ticked. Click OK to save the new settings. Close your browser and then reopen it again so the settings can take effect.
- Please make sure you have not deleted your licence. You can check this by going to: Windows Media Player - Tools - Licence Management and ensuring there is a location for the storage of the licences. You should then try restoring them by hitting 'restore'.

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