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Please note that the webstore customer services team are only able to help you with webstore orders you have placed or website issues.

They will be unable to answer questions or have contact details for queries about:

  • Artist / Management Queries - anything to do with the artist directly (music / touring / bookings / release dates / charity requests)
  • Any product not sold on the webstore
  • Availability or release dates for product on any other webstore or retail destination
  • Detailed technical support

Spam Check

Note: To post a contact form you will first need to pass the spam check Captcha below:

Delivery Information

We aim to dispatch all items from the warehouse within 1 business day (Mon-Fri).

Once dispatched, below is an approximate guide to shipping times:

[inc Recorded Standard Delivery]
3-7 business days
USA / Canada: 7-21 business days
Rest of World: 7-30 business days
(Business day = Monday – Friday)

Signed Courier Service
UK: Within 2-3 business days
Europe: Within 1-3 business days
Rest Of World: 7-10 business days
(Business day = Monday – Friday)

More about Delivery >>>

Download Delivery

Your download links are on the order confirmation page and emailed to you immediately, or in the case of Preorders, emailed to you on the release day of the product.

More about Downloads >>>

Paolo Nutini Help & FAQs centre

Welcome to Customer Support. Please select a category below to read through the frequently asked questions in case your question already has an answer! Please note that you can contact the Customer Services team once you have specified your problem through the frequently asked questions.

Special Notices

  • FAN CLUB HELP - You can read the fan club FAQs by clicking HERE

Select the category you wish to find out more about:

Forum User Guide

How do I become a member of this forum?

* Click ‘Register’ next to Welcome Guest at the top
* Type email address
* Enter username - (Must not be an email address or phone number)
* Enter password fields
* Enter any further required info
* Make sure both boxes are ticked and submit
* Click Forum and you will now be logged in

* PLEASE NOTE - You cannot use an already registered email address to register again with a new username on the forum, you must use a different email address and you cannot use a username that is already registered also.

Alternative Browser for Login Problems

For any users having problems logging on, please try Firefox or Google Chrome, so far this has been a 100% success on this forum. You can still use Internet Explorer as before on other sites.

How to send a Private Message - PM?

* Create New Message
* Click in 'Members Username' and type in first letter of username and so on, you should see a list of usernames and click the member you want or click on complete member list and do a search at the bottom of the Members page and click on PM.
* Add your subject
* Add description but not necessary
* Type your message
* Ensure 'Add a copy of this message to my sent items folder' is ticked and your message that you are about to send will be copied to your 'SENT' folder - if you don't do this it doesn't mean your PM hasn't been sent.
* Send Private Message

How to delete Private Messages?

* Click Inbox
* Tick the boxes on the last column, which is on the right of the messages that you want to delete
* Click the blank drop down menu below, click on 'Move to Deleted Items' and click 'With Selected'
* Click on 'Empty PM Folders'
* Look for 'Deleted Items' and tick the box that refers to 'Deleted Items' on the last column, which is on the right
* Click Empty Selected

Repeat above action for Sent Items too! It is important that you do this regularly as you'll not beable to send/receive PM's if you have 50 stored already.

Adding Avators and Signatures

Go to:
Control Panel
Edit Signature - Add the 'http picture link' and highlight it, click IFCode, scroll and click the link beside 'Image' - (IMG CODE) and then update your signature. (Max size is 450x150)
Edit Avatar - Upload image, browse, click your picture, open and update. (Max size is 100x100)

Test Formatting

To use colours above just highlight over the writing, click on IFCODE and type in the colour code you want to use if you are familiar with colour coding.

You can use the following fonts:
Arial Black
Arial Narrow
Comic Sans MS
Courier New
Times New Roman
Wingdings (Wingdings)

Posting A Photo

Click on the mountains and sun picture icon from the formatting toolbar or manually type the URL of the image, highlight it, and click the ‘[img][/img] link from the IFCode Shortcuts box on the left when you compose your post.

Images larger than 400 x 400 will be downsized.

Please respect copyright at all times and post the source that it came from.

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