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Please note that the webstore customer services team are only able to help you with webstore orders you have placed or website issues.

They will be unable to answer questions or have contact details for queries about:

  • Artist / Management Queries - anything to do with the artist directly (music / touring / bookings / release dates / charity requests)
  • Any product not sold on the webstore
  • Availability or release dates for product on any other webstore or retail destination
  • Detailed technical support

Spam Check

Note: To post a contact form you will first need to pass the spam check Captcha below:

Delivery Information

We aim to dispatch all items from the warehouse within 1 business day (Mon-Fri).

Once dispatched, below is an approximate guide to shipping times:

[inc Recorded Standard Delivery]
3-7 business days
USA / Canada: 7-21 business days
Rest of World: 7-30 business days
(Business day = Monday – Friday)

Signed Courier Service
UK: Within 2-3 business days
Europe: Within 1-3 business days
Rest Of World: 7-10 business days
(Business day = Monday – Friday)

More about Delivery >>>

Download Delivery

Your download links are on the order confirmation page and emailed to you immediately, or in the case of Preorders, emailed to you on the release day of the product.

More about Downloads >>>

Paolo Nutini Help & FAQs centre

Welcome to Customer Support. Please select a category below to read through the frequently asked questions in case your question already has an answer! Please note that you can contact the Customer Services team once you have specified your problem through the frequently asked questions.

Special Notices

  • FAN CLUB HELP - You can read the fan club FAQs by clicking HERE

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Forum Guidelines

These guidelines are put in place to protect all members of the forum and to make sure the forum runs smoothly and is a positive experience for all users.

Warner Music UK

This message board is for the users of this website alone. Participants from external businesses or organisations are not permitted. Please note that Warner Music UK accepts no responsibility or liability for the content of the message boards nor do those who are asked to Moderate.


1) Posts that contain inappropriate or offensive comments which are malicious, unlawful, threatening, abusive, obscene, invasive of others’ privacy, racially motivated, sectarian or otherwise about any individual, company or organisation will receive a ban.
2) Please be nice - even if you are upset or angry over someone's comments.
3) Please don’t type in capitals as this is deemed as shouting.
4) Please don’t post spam on the forum.
5) Any duplicate topics will be closed.
6) Please don’t post personal details in public such as email addresses, home addresses or phone numbers on the forum as they can get into the wrong hands.
6) Please do not swear or use variations in its’ place in posts or anywhere on this forum as it will be edited immediately. Any sexual graphic content will be removed immediately.
7) Sharing Illegal download site names/links on this forum is not allowed and can lead to prosecution and will be edited from your posts.

Behaviour of Members

Whilst the vast majority of users on this board act in a responsible manner, we would like to remind everyone that bullying and threatening behaviour will not be tolerated and will lead to immediate banning from this forum.

If anyone is aware of other members behaving in this way, please PM a Moderator on the forum with their details and examples of posts and this will be passed onto Admin and dealt with as soon as possible.

Admin and Moderators

The Administrator and Moderators of the forum reserve the right to edit or delete any posting, profile or signature for any reason we feel necessary and without prior notification or explanation to the user. Admin and the Moderators decisions are final and must be respected at all times.

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