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Mon 15 Mar 2010 - Fan Club Gig Sold Out

Fan Club Gig Sold Out

Paolo's exclusive intimate Fan Club-only gig on Wednesday 7th April at the Scala in London is now sold out.

If you haven't become a member of the Fan Club as yet, click here for more details.

Look out for more exciting Fan Club exclusives coming soon...

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  • 22.03.2010 @ 23:28:11PM - Rachie

    I imagine you have recieved the email by now- basically you print off your confirmation email (that states you bought the tickets) and show it at the door along with your ID

  • 21.03.2010 @ 14:33:30PM - squeakmaxi

    What time will it be??

  • 16.03.2010 @ 16:29:18PM - elaine thorpe

    Hoping to be attending the gig in London in April - at the moment I have not received anything via email. paid the tickets in January. Has anyone else having problems or is it just me

  • 15.03.2010 @ 18:01:23PM - dissent100

    cannnnnnnnt waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaitttttt!

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