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Mon 06 Nov 2006 - Jeff Thomas on 'Rewind'

Jeff Thomas on 'Rewind'

Jeff Thomas has directed over 100 music videos, working with artists like Ash, Cooper Temple Clause, Funeral For A Friend, Travis and Embrace. He told us about his experience directing Paolo's latest celluloid outing, the 'Rewind' video.

<i>"It's open to a lot of interpretation - it's kind of a metphorical narrative with Paolo reflecting back on the time he won his girlfriend back, and he won his girlfriend back from the guy who's freaking out behind him.

"It's hopeful 'cos he wins his girlfriend back but at the same time it kind of reflects the passion and naivety of youth, cos he's won his girlfriend back but who knows where that relationshp will end up going? So the narrative isn't black and white it's open to interpretation and the idea of that was that every time you watch it you'll see something new.

"We built everything - what you're looking at is a disused airfield where we built the motel and the road at the front is a section of the airfield where we created a two lane street out of turf with 14 runners in cars driving back and forth the entire day. If you watch it carefully you can see the same cars going back and forth.

"It was all done in one day, we didn't even have a rehersal day, we had fog in the morning so we had to re-calibrate the lights. We shot and shot all day long until we managed to get the take that you're looking at five minutes before the sun went down."</i>

You can watch the 'Rewind' video right now in the <a href=""">Media Section</a>.

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