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Thu 17 Feb 2011 - Paolo’s LIVE Dates for Summer 2011... The Story So Far!

Paolo’s LIVE Dates for Summer 2011... The Story So Far! Loads of your tweets, Facebook messages and forum debates are asking about Paolo’s touring plans for the summer...

Well, Paolo and the band are in the studio writing new material but we HAVE confirmed and announced headline slots at ROCKNESS & OXEGEN...

Paolo will be heading to Scotland to play the Rockness Festival at Loch Ness which takes place between 10th - 12th June. Click here for tickets.

The following month, Paolo will be rocking Irish festival-goers at Oxegen at Punchestown Racecourse in County Kildare from 7th - 10th July. Click here for tickets.

We suspect from your messages that these two shows in Scotland and Ireland aren’t enough – but DON’T panic - Paolo will be announcing more summer shows soon and coz he loves you – you’ll be the first to know...

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  • 02.05.2011 @ 20:21:39PM - kayleighwiechers

    Paolo, if you don't come to T in the Park I will sell my ticket and not return until you go. Sincerely, a person that listens to your songs on repeat everyday.

  • 03.04.2011 @ 12:51:21PM - majka.v.

    i wish you would come to Slovakia to do a gig. I really love you and yet I never had a chance to see you live.
    PS: How many people from Slovakia love Paolo si much as I do?

  • 30.03.2011 @ 11:05:47AM - momo

    paolo you need to come to edinburgh to do a gig :) i need you to autograf ph my tottoo xxxxx

  • 09.03.2011 @ 22:33:57PM - julieneal

    Hi Paolo, Would love to able to see you live, and would like to suggest that you would really enjoy a summer gig at a forestry commission site. The one near to me is Westonbirt Arboretum, i'm sure you would love the atmosphere there. You could all even stay at mine, which is only a couple of miles away, i promise a wonderful breakfast Lots of love julie xx

  • 09.03.2011 @ 18:35:26PM - kellwilliamson

    When will he be back in America????????????????????

  • 04.03.2011 @ 22:00:47PM - erensozuer

    Istanbul (Turkey) any time soon?

  • 02.03.2011 @ 03:53:18AM - JoD

    Hey Paulo just thought Id drop you a line to say thankyou.My teenage son(Darcy) and I both love your music which means we have common ground ,it is rather rare for teenage son and Mum to connect but we do with you and you incredible range of music.Cant wait to see you at the Enmore in Australia when you come back.

  • 28.02.2011 @ 22:49:19PM - fairy55

    Hello Paolo and the boys where have you been. Welcome back can't wait to see you all again asap. So looking forward to the new stuff.xx

  • 25.02.2011 @ 20:08:27PM - Littlegreenbirdie

    please play t in the park again! highlight of last year! up on some randoms shoulders sippin on cider listening to my favourite tune, doesn't get any better! please play!!!!! x x x x x

  • 25.02.2011 @ 12:08:28PM - Life is brill

    Dreamers cannot be ruled Paulo... keep on dreamin! Spill out those dreams in your songs til people the world over are liberated to dance in the music once more!
    I'll see you @Rockness... but you wont see me... I'll be at the back somewhere.. in a space... dancing in the sound of your voice. Can't wait :)

  • 24.02.2011 @ 18:41:32PM - rockwelpe

    would be awesome if Paolo and band can make it over to Germany again - we had a ball at his show at Circus Crone last July...

  • 20.02.2011 @ 15:45:28PM - Treebee

    My cousin and I are traveling from America for the oxegen festival just to see Paolo and can't stay for all three days. What day is Paolo actually playing???!!!!!! So we can purchase tickets.

  • 20.02.2011 @ 14:09:05PM - Jodz

    Aw we love you too Paolo xxx

  • 18.02.2011 @ 12:48:44PM - Sisusioux

    Appreciate the effort, but this info doesn't really qualify as news, does it ;) Well, we'll be here, waiting for the full story ...

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