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  • Paul Weller Support slots - Germany

    Posted: Tue 28 Mar 2006 | Views: 2960 | Comments: 0

  • Paolo at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire

    Posted: Tue 28 Mar 2006 | Views: 3268 | Comments: 0

    This was Paolo’s first gig at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire and he looked very much at home on the big stage! The PA was big and loud. The lighting was great and there was lots of it and we loved the sound check!

    Jim’s drum kit was set up stage left and Donny’s guitar amp and guitars were stage right. Our stage time was 7.45pm and the boys came on stage and Paolo took centre stage with two bottles of Stella and a green tea!

    Starting with “Alloway Grove” Paolo very quickly got into his stride, moving quickly onto the very catchy “New Shoes” which went down a storm tonight, as it had done recently in New York!

    Paolo then picked up his guitar for “Rewind” before the band rattled through “Lovin’ You” and “Jenny Don’t Be Hasty” – the song about a girl Paolo dated who was older than him … he lied to her, telling her he was the same age! She subsequently dumped him when she found out his was younger than her! The classic line from that song ….’you said you’d marry me, if I was 23. But I’m one that you can see, if I’m only 18’.

    Next came “Last Request”, and finally the set was concluded with the classic ballad “Autumn” which Paolo penned about his late Grandfather.

    It was back to the 3rd floor dressing room for a well earned beer before watching KUBB – who were excellent! And then it was out for a few beers around Shepherds Bush Green …..

  • New Scottish Dates Announced!

    Posted: Tue 28 Mar 2006 | Views: 2810 | Comments: 0

  • SXSW – A review of Paolo’s Gigs

    Posted: Mon 27 Mar 2006 | Views: 4840 | Comments: 0

    Paolo, Jim and Donny arrive in Austin, TEXAS at 1am on Wednesday 15th March. It took 27 hours from door to door! What a long journey! Paolo and the band we’re tired and suffering from jet lag!

    Once checked in the first job was to hire truck. A big f**k off 4X4 truck! Cool as you like and this meant we could get about Austin without having to rely on the taxis – which everyone in Austin was using!! Next job was to get registered at the 'Artists' section at the Conference Centre, then Paolo, Jim and Donny set about trying to find the venue for the first gig .... which was an after show party for ATX Magazine.

    We were advised that it may not happen .... and sure enough, it didnt! Apparently they had some ambitious plans that just didn't happen. So we proceeded to hit the bars and celebrate an unexpected night off! Paolo, Jim and Donny ended up at Stubbs and watched The New Pornographers, Belle & Sebastian & Mogwai. That night we met loads of cool people - Matt, Charles, Luba and loads of other people too.

    Paolo and the band were up early Thursday morning (16th) for an 11am soundcheck at the BPI & BBC Radio 2 gig at Brush Square. Stage time was 1.30pm. The gig was great and was very well attended. The set list that afternoon was "Alloway Grove", "New Shoes", "Rewind" and "Jenny Don’t Be Hasty". Also on the bill was Billy Bragg, Aberfeldy and some dude called Newton Faulkner - he was amazing! Brilliant guitar player!

    After that we went up to STUBBS to load the gear. Paolo had two shows that night but Paolo wasn’t feeling great - sore throat and swollen glands. We set up and were sharing the inside stage with The Travelling Haciendas - a band from Texas!

    Earlier that night Paolo managed to watch the Beastie Boys - they opened proceedings and were amazing! It was a secret gig so the production was minimal - just them and a set of decks! Awesome! Dresden Dolls and Gomez also played that night!

    The next day was St. Paddy's day! Paolo had an easy morning – he was playing at the Scottish Arts Council showcase for Scottish artists in the afternoon at Caribbean Lights. Great gig!

    We then moved onto Stubbs for the night time shows. There was no drum kit for us to use and The Magic Numbers and The Subways didn’t want to give us the loan of even a snare drum!! BUT we had a brain wave! We mic'd up a flight case and a guitar case and it worked f**kin brilliantly! Sounded better than some of the kits that Jim is used to playing!? We played at midnight directly after the Magic Numbers and before Snow Patrol. The Magic Numbers were excellent!

    We did "Alloway Grove", "Rewind", "Lovin' You" and "New Shoes". The gig was great! Paolo and the boys played out of their skin and then they hit the bars!

    Saturday morning and Paolo had to go to the doctors! He was taken to the South Austin Medical & Health Centre on East Riverside Drive .... An hour later and $80 spent – Paolo was off to the chemist to pick up some more pills! The Doc said to rest the voice and take it easy where possible!

    Then we went to West 5th Street to check out the venue of Friday's gig .... the ASCAP Showcase at the Whisky Bar.

    We went back to the Whisky Bar at 11.30pm and the gig was running late and we went on stage after The Chapin Sisters from Los Angeles! Paolo did seven songs and again received a great re-action from this small, packed out bar!

    SXSW and Austin was a great week for Paolo, Jim and Donny. There were plenty of gigs and a bit of partying thrown in too. We met some brilliant people and look forward to more live shows in the US whenever we can!

  • SxSW Plans

    Posted: Mon 13 Mar 2006 | Views: 4111 | Comments: 0

    Wednesday 15th March – we get in to Austin, Texas in the early hours and we get the bulk of the first day to get used to the new time zone! Then late that night we play at the ATX Magazine SXSW after Hours Event/Party. We don’t know too much about this gig other than … it will be our first official US date! F**kin cool!

    Thursday 16th March - The next day, at 1.30pm we’ve got a lunch appointment ….. we’ve been invited to play at the BBC Radio 2 BBQ at Brush Square. We’re doing four acoustic songs and also on the bill that afternoon will be Billy Bragg and Aberfeldy.

    Later that night we have two shows – one at 8pm and then later at 10pm. We’re playing inside at Stubb's Restaurant (the address is 801 Red River) Other bands playing that night are Dresden Dolls and Gomez

    Friday 17th March - Paolo Nutini is from Paisley and proud of it! So it’s no surprise that we’re doing the Official Scottish Showcase which is hosted by Scottish Arts Council & DF Concerts. The venue is Caribbean Nights on 6Th STREET and it’s an afternoon event between 1&5pm.

    At midnight on the Friday we’re back at Stubb's Restaurant (at 801 Red River). We’ve got a short twenty minute set … the really cool thing about this – we play after The Magic Numbers and just before Snow Patrol.

    Saturday 18th March – we kinda get the day off and late Saturday night/Sunday morning we play The ASCAP Showcase at The Whisky Bar (303 W 5th St Austin)

    Sunday 19th March – we get a day off!!!! And get ready for New York City!

    Monday 20th March - we fly into New York at about 11am on the Monday. Get settled and then Paolo and the boys will be getting ready for The Mercury Lounge (217 E. Houston St. Corner Ave of the Americas & Houston). Paolo is supporting Annie at this gig.

    Tuesday 21st March - it looks like we’ll be meeting up with all the guys at the office of the record company and there may even be an Atlantic Records NYC showcase for Paolo. We’ll keep you posted! Then later that night we’re back at The Mercury Lounge (217 E. Houston St. Corner of the Avenue of the Americas & Houston). We’re supporting the Zutons at this already sold out gig!

    Wednesday 22nd March – we fly home but don’t back till early on Thursday 23rd March

    Friday 24th March – 7.30pm Paolo Nutini is supporting KUBB at the Shepherds Bush Empire.

  • Limited Edition CD ….

    Posted: Wed 22 Feb 2006 | Views: 4137 | Comments: 0

    Paolo Nutini’s tour starts on 1st March at the Barfly in Liverpool. At the gig a very limited edition two track CD will be available to buy. It will set you back two quid and will have two live tracks on it.

    Track One is a live version of ‘A Million Faces’. This song is already on Paolo’s myspace page but will be available to buy on the tour. It was recorded at the Bedford in Balham late last year.
    Track Two is a called ‘Jenny Don’t Be Hasty’ and was recorded by Paolo, Jim and Donnie while they were rehearsing in the big room at Parr Street Studios. This was recorded last week and produced by Jim on his Apple Mac!
    This is a strictly limited edition CD – only 500 are being pressed so if you get the opportunity to get one – make sure you do!

  • SXSW

    Posted: Wed 22 Feb 2006 | Views: 3839 | Comments: 0

    Paolo’s management are busy planning the trip to Austin, Texas for SXSW with a three day stop over in New York after it. That means sorting flights, hotels, working visa’s for the band and also getting Paolo a handful of gigs to play whilst there.

    Once these gigs have been confirmed they will be posted here. Paolo is represented by Atlantic Records worldwide and in addition to the record company - there are some great people in America working on other bits to the US trip – we’re gonna meet and play to all kinds of people - press, radio, agents and even other bands!

    Watch this space …..

  • Paolo to Play Shepherd’s Bush Empire!

    Posted: Wed 22 Feb 2006 | Views: 3417 | Comments: 0

    Paolo returns from SXSW/New York on Thursday 23rd March. The following night (Friday 24th March) Paolo will be supporting KUBB at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire. This is a sell out gig already - so unless you have a ticket, you won’t get in! Sorry?

    After this gig, Paolo will be looking to be doing more gigs/support slots. All of this is in the pipeline so keep coming back to the site for more details.

  • The Paolo Nutini album

    Posted: Wed 01 Feb 2006 | Views: 5629 | Comments: 0

    At the moment Paolo is in Parr Street studios in Liverpool and will be there till the end of February. The studios are up the road from the nightclub Cream - or where Cream used to be! Not far from Concert Square in the City Centre. Anyway, Paolo's working with a great producer - an absolute legend of a man - called Ken Nelson. Ken has produced some fantastic and most importantly classic sounding albums, including the great ' Quiet Is The New Loud ' by 'The Kings Of Convenience'. He was also the producer of all three COLDPLAY albums - Parachutes, A Rush Of Blood To The Head and X&Y and its great Paolo's working with him. He's definitely in good hands!

    Paolo, Jim, Ken and the guys at Parr Street will be recording ten tracks for the album. And Paolo thinks the place is brilliant - weird almost? There's the two big studio's A and B and there are like ten 'hotel' type rooms upstairs so Paolo works and sleeps at the studio! The really strange .... err cool bit .... is ... there's a bar/club/restaurant in the studios too (which is open till late! Like 4am!) so when Paolo, Jim and the boys need a beer or a munch then they just walk through a few doors and they're at the bar! Two or three hours later, they stumble across to their bedrooms - and fall into bed! Pished and not needing a taxi - the only problem - there's no late night chip shop in the studio complex! Fuck! I suppose you cant have everything ... hey?

    We wont reveal the track listing just yet - but Paolo will be gigging these songs as soon as this recording process is finished in March - it would be great to see you at one of the gigs! The tour is listed on this site and all the ticket details are there too - just check out the LIVE (or GIGS) section .....

  • South X SouthWEST, Austin, TEXAS 2006

    Posted: Tue 31 Jan 2006 | Views: 3908 | Comments: 0

    So what is South X SouthWEST? "In its 19-year history, it has grown from being a jolly spring get-together for a few hundred US indie labels and musicians in search of a deal, to an international gathering that is the most important date in our music industry calendar."
    (The Guardian, March 25, 2005)

    And this year Paolo Nutini has been invited to play at SXSW when it runs between 15th and 19th March. In it's 20th year its a conference and showcase of about 1200 acts with 8000 delegates in attendance. Pop, jazz, country, blues, reggae, hip hop, electronica - every imaginable style of music, from nearly every continent - is represented each night at over 50 of Austin's premier stages, many within walking distance of one another. There's more amazing music performed and crucial business conducted in Austin over those few days than anyone who hasn't been to SXSW can imagine.

    Previous artists through the SXSW doors have included The Flaming Lips, Franz Ferdinand, David Gray, The Black Eyed Peas, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Ryan Adams to name just a handful!

    The highlights this year which include Paolo Nutini are Biffy Clyro (Glasgow), The Secret Machines (New York), KT Tunstall (St Andrews), Mogwai (Glasgow), The Magic Numbers (London) Cerys Matthews (Austin, TX) Hard Fi (Staines, UK), The Zutons (Liverpool) to name but a few! Radio 1 will be broadcasting live from Austin, Texas so listen to Radio 1 for news and live OB's.

    Keep your eyes on the Paolo Nutini site to find out how Paolo gets on ....

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